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Bill is a frequent leader of retreats and conferences.


Please contact for more information.

"Bill is a brilliant and engaging speaker. He combines a deep knowledge of the Bible, theology, and church history with the ability to share his knowledge in a way that people can understand. I have listened to his lectures and sermons for more than ten years, and I always learn something. He finds fresh insight in the most familiar material. And he’s fun – he has a wry sense of humor and has been known to break out in song."

-Deborah K.

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"Bill has an amazing gift in bringing together relevant 21st century experiences and the mysteries of God into a real and comprehensive way. His years of experience in all areas of ministry--children, youth, young and senior adults--make him one of the most dynamic speakers of our time. You will be rewarded with spiritual renewal and come away with a deeper understanding of your faith"If he didn't tell you, you might never know that Bill is a Reverend. Such is the way he is able to connect and relate to the "everyday" person. But once you hear him speak, his 25+ yr experience as a biblical scholar and pastor is unmistakeable. Bill has a brilliant way of relating biblical history to current times, and of awakening scripture to live in the present. Bill's depth and diversity of his own life experiences, and his comfort to poke fun at himself, engages the audience tremendously. I would highly recommend Bill as a speaker, and can assure your audience will feel spiritually enlivened and have smiles on their faces."
Jared M.

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