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Sacred Verse for a Summer's Night

Resident Exile, Bill Borror, Church, Sermons

For Joe......

Ashes to the river you loved

toasting moonshine to your smile

Tears and laughter and the mountains witness

Our sudden silent, see you later

The Trouble with Answered Prayer

Do not get me wrong,

for I am grateful;

This road has been a long one;

A hidden grief, I care not repeat.

Sleepless nights; racing mind

ground never steady under my feet.

Irregular hours of office kept;

Nocturnes, lauds and prime combine

In desperate utterances less than sublime

But I knew you were there

Now an answer has come;

The dawn of beginnings new.

Oh Blessed Friend,

let me not forget the lessons of the night;

when there was only you.

A Good Friday Gone Bad

Blessed Simone of Cyrene, most accidental Saint

If I cannot follow with my heart, mind, and strength

May I accidently stumble upon Jesus

And carry his cross a little length


You dance on my air

or am I your stage

then your eyes capture mine

and I remember the steps

to the rhythm we share

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